About William Boyer

William Boyer is a Christian and a cartoonist living in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, USA. His goals in life, other than marrying his sweet heart and being a family man, are to serve the Lord Jesus whenever and wherever he can and, when he finds time, cartoon.




William Boyer has had 3 years of training in Digital Effects and Animation at Forsyth Technical Community College. He enjoys working on webcomics, as well as comics, graphic novels, and novels for print. He is often hired to illustrate children’s books, such as the now published “T’was the Night Before Andy’s Christmas” and the soon to be published Halloween sequel, family and pet caricatures, and etc. He can be reached at CartoonistWill @ hotmail.com to be hired as an artist.

To look at his artwork and webcomics:

1) Deviant Art Gallery
2) Photoshop.com Art Portfolio
3) MiloTeam Webcomics site
4) Ghostbusters Fan Art Deviant Art Gallery
5) Gospelman webcomic @ DrunkDuck

He enjoys corresponding about Biblical topics, Biblical debates, challenging himself and others to really discover whether or not their beliefs are true or not instead of continue to believe what makes them comfortable, visiting churches and speaking to members of churches of christianity that do not hold to what he believes the Bible teaches and learning why it is that they believe what they believe in the hopes of understanding them and that they might be interested in learning what and why he believes what he believes as well, and in general having fellowship with everyone who shares a deep and very real reconciled personal relationship with God through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, like he does. He has been called to preach by the Lord and loves to share the good news of Jesus Christ. He hopes to one day also share his own life story of how God called him and has been actively working in his life.

To look at his Christian blogs and webcomics, etc:

1) Gospelman webcomic @ DrunkDuck


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